The most thorough dizziness evaluation available

about us

Health and Medical ResearchOur team is comprised of a collaboration of neurologists, balance disorder specialists, and physical therapists bringing updated science, clinical research, and the latest diagnostic strategies to the internet to find the cause of your “dizziness.” Our technical staff has over 50 of years experience in systems engineering and web-based computer development. We have designed a comprehensive on-line tool that enables the identification of causes of your symptoms. The insights gained from long experience are the foundation for the questions you will answer based on your observations “the history tells the story.” Our web based questionnaire explores common and less common causes of your symptoms as well. Once the test is completed, we will provide a professional recommendation of how to best confirm the diagnosis and the means for correcting the problem in a written report. On average, this survey takes about 15 minutes.


The information provided is a considered opinion and not medical advice, nor is it a recommendation for any particular therapy. The information you receive should prove useful to you, as well as qualified medical professionals including doctors, therapists and chiropractors.